Jennifer de Charmoy is an
award-winning ceramicist (Ceramics South Africa Association) and has participated in a number of local exhibitions as well as her work being seen in local design publications. Her work is in homes and hospitality spaces locally and in the UK, USA and Europe.

Twenty-five years’ of clay experience, with forays into the worlds of teaching, textile design/ printing and interior design, have broadened and enriched her process. She collaborates with design companies for commissioned projects and products, and continues to work in this manner: commissions and collaborative enquiries are welcome.

Artist Statement

My work is hand built and fired in a kiln in my studio in central Cape Town.  

In making my clay works: vessels, sculptures, and hand-hewn functional pieces, I aim to give to the viewer an experience of the material used: qualities of tactility through texture, a sense of permanence in the forms. 

My pieces will stimulate your imagination as you recall familiar historical shapes , pushed beyond boundaries so as to belong in the present.

I would like the viewer to feel the need to touch and to hold the sculptural forms, running fingers over hills and valleys, and looking inside cavities to see newly-created places of your own.

Clay holds an energy of the earth from which it was taken, therefore adding an elemental grounding to any environment when formed into a fired art piece.

I invite interior designers, interior architects and homemakers to use my pieces to add texture, authenticity and personality to any carefully curated space.

I adhere to the Slow Movement in making. I seek to make less, but profoundly more beautiful.