Made to order for interior designers, stockists and collectors

How to customise your commission

Five or more pieces qualify the client for a 20% discount off retail prices. The discount has NOT been applied to the prices
in the gallery.

1. Choose the form

Choose from the available forms in the gallery here. Prices will vary with size, and the gallery price is for the size pictured.

2. Specify the size(s) you want

Size options: Small: 180mm height,
Medium: 250mm height,
Large: 350mm height,
Extra Large: 400mm height.
*Width and depth differ with design.

3. Specify clay body and glaze

All the clay bodies can be left raw and unglazed. A transparent glaze is always used inside for complete vitrification (able to contain liquid).

Black clay – unglazed

Black clay – gloss glaze

Buff stoneware clay 

Buff clay – gloss glaze

Chai gloss on light stoneware

Dark red coarse grogged terracotta clay with gloss glaze

Dark red coarse grogged terracotta clay

Golden yellow gloss on light stoneware

Lichen semi-matte glaze on black clay

Lichen semi-matte glaze on light clay

Light terracotta clay

Matte White

White gloss on red terracotta
White gloss on light clay